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Our Eclectus Family
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Families with Single Males

Twister Eku-Chan

We have to come to enjoy breeding Eclectus more and more as time passes. As we add to the number of our extended families each year that adopt our Eclectus babies, we encourage everyone to keep very close touch with us, and we promise that we will always be here to answer questions and give advice. Throughout the year, we get phone calls, greeting cards, photos, and wonderful notes that keep us updated with cute stories about all our wonderful babies. We once read, "SUCCESS IS GETTING WHAT YOU WANT -- HAPPINESS IS WANTING WHAT YOU GET." These ongoing friendships with our adopting families are a totally unforeseen bonus of breeding parrots, and enrich our lives beyond measure. We love what we do, and each year, we are more fascinated by Eclectus. Breeding Eclectus to us is not a job -- we have made it a way of life.

It is so gratifying to hear all about the things our babies have learned and the outpouring of love their new families express toward them. We attract the type of customer that wants to adopt our babies because they have an abundance of love in their hearts, and are overwhelmed with the desire to share love with these glorious creatures. Eclectus reflect this love back a hundredfold and continually enhance human life. Be sure to visit the photo gallery by clicking on each of the photos below, and please read some of our reference letters [click below] .