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Alison - Zoe
Subject: Pure Bred Eclectus

Hi K, a 'cyber friend' of mine e mailed me with your request;  I bought a male from Pure Bred 1 year ago and I'm now awaiting  my little girl who will be weaned in about 3 months.
I did MUCH research and after looking at Lots of Ekkies from Lots of breeders, Jane's birds are BY FAR the most GORGEOUS!!! She feeds her breeders as well as all the babies organic foods and she allows the baby to wean itself instead of being forced to wean. My boy was 7 months old by the time he weaned himself and I never had or have any health, behavior, or feeding issues. He is the most charming and wonderful companion. He comes to work with me at a health food store, and I use him as an example of how healthy food choices create such vibrant health and color.
I can guarantee you that if you follow her protocols, you'll save big on vet visits and behaviorists! Feel free to ask me anything else and I'm sending a pic of him that I took 3 months ago.
Best wishes, A.