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EKU-CHAN - Takeo & Tomoko

To: Jane
Sent: Friday, January 18th
Subject: From Takeo and Tomoko

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for allowing us to adopt your son. Since the day we took our Eku-chan from his birth home, he's been nothing but a joy for us. He gets along with his younger and smaller brother, Chiro-chan (parakeet) very well. First, they looked like they just acknowledged each other, and kept distance, but now they can be in the same room without little one being scared to death.
Our Eku-chan is spoiled!! I wish I was raised like him! He gets his regular meal, and he also gets plenty of snacks! Although, he's pretty independent and does not like to be cuddled, he loves to spend time on our hand and hand fed.
Again, thank you for raising such a wonderful boy.
Takeo and Tomoko