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Hi Jane and Scott,

Just a note to say just How very grateful I am for FELIX. He arrived in very good condition and is as gentle as a lamb in my handling him. Brought him to my Vet, and she said he was the most beautiful healthy eclectus she has seen. Thanks to your good health care and feeding which I follow. I hope to enjoy FELIX for many a year to come. Thanks again for my beautiful FELIX.
Best always,
Capt. John

--Reference Letter / Arrival Survey --


Hi Jane, below are my answers [ to your survey ]
Best Always, Capt. John

When you first contacted us, what was your impression of the information you received about Eclectus parrots in general?
The best info. I had found searching the Web, etc..

What is your opinion of the ease of communication with us before, during, and after the transaction?
It is rare to find two people so knowlegeable about eclectus and ever-ready to answer any and all questions about these beautiful birds

How well socialized was the baby you received?
The day received by air Delta my baby male eclectus--Felix--was very adjusted to human contact and came right on my hand out of his cage and from that day onwards

What health and beauty impression did you have of your new baby?
The vet even let me know that my eclectus was the most beautiful seen thus far. Beautiful colour and in perfect health

How quickly did your baby adjust to your home and family?
Seemed he has been here all the time

How quickly did your baby begin eating in its new environment?
same day received

How did your baby respond to different people including guests to your home?
Was easy to go to anyone--male or female

Did your vet give you an opinion of the overall condition of the baby that you received?
Yes, my vet said he is in excellent condition and is the best eclectus she has seen.

What was your impression of how the bird was transported to you if shipped by air?
I have received different birds in the past but none better than the way my Felix was shipped

Please describe how the bird seemed to act because of the air transport (i.e. calm, agitated, perfectly comfortable,)?
No outwards effect on my Felix---adapted to his new home easily

If picked up at our aviary, how did the baby do on the car trip home?
sent by air

What is your opinion of the handling of all details that pertained to the business end of the transaction?
All dealings with this breeder have been very efficiently handled.

What is your opinion of the support information on the care and maintenance of the health and well-being of your baby?
I am so very pleased that I have Jane and Scott to rely on for advice and supplies for my Felix

What is your opinion of the quality of any products you received for the support of your baby?
Everything bought and received has been excellent, foods as well as equipment

If you bought a cage we recommended, what is your opinion of the quality of the cage?
No, purchased my cage elsewhere

Were there any problems with the entire process that we need to know about?
Absolutely none.

What if any improvements would you suggest that we can make?
Accept I.O.U.'S------Ha---no, your overall advise, supplies and help are just Great

Can you write a little description of in what ways having an Eclectus enhances your life?
My Felix is my ' little' partner here in my condo in the French Quarter of the Big Easy

Do you have any fun little stories about the bird to share?
Not yet

Is there anything else that you would like to say in general?
I am so very happy that I was able to find, get in contact with and purchase my beautiful FELIX from such a knowledgeable breeder

On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your baby _10_____and our service _10_____overall?

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