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Romaine Lettuce Recalled After E. coli Outbreak
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At least 19 people in Ohio, New York and Michigan have become sick from an E. coli outbreak that is possibly linked to tainted romaine lettuce. There has been a recall issued after twelve of the affected people were hospitalized, three of them suffered from life threatening symptoms according to the Food and Drug Administration. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that there are at least 10 other cases that are more than likely linked to this outbreak. The investigation by the FDA is focused on lettuce frown in Arizona as a source of the E. coli outbreak. E. coli can cause symptoms like mild diarrhea and stomach upset or other more severe complications including kidney damage. The three patients who were hospitalized with life threatening conditions were diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome which can cause bleeding in the brain and/or kidneys. Healthy adults generally recover from E. coli illness in about a week, but young children and the elderly have a more difficult time and often develop life threatening HUS.

Freshway Foods of Sidney, Ohio announced on Thursday that it is recalling products that contain romaine lettuce that has been sold under the Freshway and Imperial Sysco brands in more than 20 states due to a possible link to E. coli contamination. The recall also covers grab and go bagged salads hat are sold in Kroger, Giant Eagle, Ingles and March grocery stores. If you live in Alabama, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or Wisconsin do not eat romaine lettuce that falls under the Freshway or Imperial Sysco umbrella that is dated use by May 12 or earlier.

Romaine Lettuce Recall Has Severe Health Implications

It looks like there are a lot of recalls going on and the latest one is romaine lettuce. Unlike some of the other recent recalls, the romaine lettuce recall is actually having some severe health implications on those who have eaten it.

I read earlier today that the people who have ate the romaine lettuce that is being recalled have been getting ill. And what’s worse, some are even experiencing some life threatening results. It is said that the shredded romaine lettuce contains e. coli bacteria which causes people who ate it lots of diarrhea, nausea as well as vomiting.
For the more serious cases, some have had bleeding of kidneys and liver. I read there have been at least nineteen people who have become ill from this recalled lettuce in states such as Michigan, Ohio as well as New York.

The romaine lettuce was distributed by Freshway Foods Inc. in Sidney, Ohio under the Freshway and Imperial Sysco brands. Supposedly, investigators are checking out various lettuce farms to see where the contamination is happening but no location has yet been revealed.

Lettuce recall: Avoid these romaine salads

The lettuce recall involves romaine 'grab and go' salads sold at in-store salad bars and delis in Kroger, Giant Eagle, Ingles Markets, and Marsh stores. A lettuce recall is causing wholesalers, restaurants, delis, and grocery stores in 23 states to pull romaine products off their shelves. While these companies are expected to pull most of the suspect lettuce before it reaches consumers, consumers should watch out for so-called "grab and go" salads containing romaine lettuce sold at in-store salad bars and delis at Kroger, Giant Eagle, Ingles Markets, and Marsh stores, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns.



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