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The Kitchen Kube
. . ."I don't know if you guys developed the kitchen kube or not but oh my God!!! It is awesome beyond any expectation I had! My place is clean, not less messy but clean! My bird has adapted to it quickly. Your advise has been wonderful. Thank you thank you! . Philip"

-- End mealtime mess and spatter / scatter -- forever!
• Separate removable side panels and lid
• Handy base liner for easy cleaning
• Height -16"
• Base - 16" sq.
• Tough transparent acrylic
• Pedicure Perch 3/4”, 1”, 1.5” or 2”
• Trims nails automatically
• 3 Cups included (4th will fit)
• Easy to clean & disinfect
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Only a 16" x 16" area on the counter top is covered by the unit! Even the smallest kitchen will be maintained clean and tidy. Each side panel can slide up separately to be rinsed and slid back in place to dry. When your birdy finishes eating his messy food in the Kube, put him up top on a table perch or Pedicure Pedestal. Two cups (or up to 4 total) are for fresh water and messy treats. Air circulation is excellent in the Kube. The top 5" on each corner has a 1/2" x 5" slot, which totals 10" square of open area for more air circulation than any acrylic carrier with drilled holes. However, birdy and the food he flings cannot escape. The kitchen stays CLEAN. The set is so well designed, a perch can even stay on top while the cube is being rinsed. A slide-out base panel catches all the mess on the bottom, and the perch also lifts out for easy cleaning and refilling.
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