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TIKI - Liz & Ron

To: Jane
Sent: Saturday, January 19
Subject: Tiki pictures

Hey Jane,
I just wanted to let you know Tiki is the ultimate bird! She stays in our 176 bed nursing home on her perch and visits the residents daily. They love her! She has daily visitors that come to our office to chat with her. I even had one resident that I could not get to come out of her room until I visited her with Tiki. I told her that Tiki stayed in the office with me and lo and behold, SHE came to visit TIKI the next day. She comes to the office every day to check on Tiki. People are amazed at how tame and beautiful she is. Tiki will even put up with the residents who want to hold her but have the shakes...even though her perch moves a little bit while they're holding her, she never flys off and just sits and listens to them talk to her! She was wonderfully socialized when we got her and she continues to amaze us!

Thanks again!

Tiki & Ron
Silly Tiki
Wheeee -- Christmas!