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BOING-KABOB Play Gym with Ceiling Guard
Hanging Gymsets for many sizes of Parrots

TO ORDER Please phone for quote including the correct components for your size and type of bird 404-321-4488

• Hangs anywhere

• Clear Acrylic 18" or 24" Ceiling Guard

• 26" wide tray unclips for easy cleaning

• Washable rope perches

• Jumbo rope for large birds

• Medium rope for small and medium-sized birds

• Fun refillable Bark-Kabob chew toy or leather/acrylic twist toy

• Optional 2 cups & cupholder, standard plastic

• Optional steel grate - not shown in photo


A handy removable tray makes clean-up a breeze for this challenging chewable paradise.  A gigantic 26" tray gives coverage for any size bird.  Or, buy it without a tray for the cage or yard. The Bark-Kabob toy in the center has refillable layers of hardwood, softwood, leather and acrylic on a chain.  The Boing-Y washable cotton rope twister spirals from top to bottom for hours of climbing fun.  An optional acrylic ceiling guard drops it down 18" or 24" to put "Polly" at eye level and protects the ceiling.

Rope twists are available in 2 sizes  -- Jumbo for Macaws-Cockatoos -- Medium for grays, eclectus, amazons -- and smaller birds like conures, pionus, cockatiels, lovebirds, etc.

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