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Jumbo BOING-KABOB Play Gym with Ceiling Guard

Hanging Gymsets for many sizes of Parrots

  • Generous 30"x34" tray
  • Metal grate play surface
  • Bark-Kabob wood, leather and acrylic toy
  • Jumbo Spiral cotton rope twist for climbing
  • Ceiling guard - 24"
  • Cup bracket
  • Two 20 oz. Lixit Cups
  • Optional acrylic tray liners (4) 16"x16"
  • Medium size models for smaller birds is available

This challenging chewable paradise daily provides hours of climbing fun. An elegant white tray makes clean-up a breeze. A gigantic 30" x 34" metal grate is a perfect play surface for your bird to enjoy foot toys. The Bark-Kabob toy up the center has refillable layers of hardwood, softwood, leather and acrylic on a chain. The Boing-y cotton rope twist spirals from top to bottom. An optional acrylic ceiling guard drops the gymset down 24" to put "Polly" below eye level -- and protects the ceiling. Optional acrylic tray liners for a quick clean-up can be ordered separately.

Rope twists are also available in a medium size  -- This Jumbo is for Macaws-Cockatoos -- Medium for grays, eclectus, amazons, or conures, lovebirds, cockatiels, etc.  

Please phone for quote including the correct components for your size and type of bird -- or to place an order

. . . . . Order by PHONE 9-9 EST . . . . . .



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