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Napoleon Top Model #206
(These units are both the same cage, with the dome top on the left flipped open, shown closed on the right)

24 in. Deep x 27 in. Wide x 68 in. High

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Other cage models are available in addition to this Model 206, but birds benefit from the height of a tall cage. Birds love to climb. We sell these cages and give our customer OUR BREEDER DISCOUNT off regular price to our customers. They are available in antique silver, antique copper, antique gold, white, black, textured cream, and textured green.

• Inside Height 55 in.
• 3/4 inch bar spacing with 4 mm bars.

• Slide-out metal grill and metal catch tray for easy cleaning.
• Top converts into playpen; front of top opens into a perching platform.

• Built-in seed catcher included.
• Knocks down for compact storage.
• Most durable, non-toxic, powder coated paint finish available.
• Horizontal bars on sides, Vertical bars on front and back.
• Bird proof safety lock.
• 3 swing out feeder doors & breeder box door.
• 3 stainless steel cups.
• 2 perches.
• Ball bearing brass casters.
• Weight 125 lbs.

Cage Paint & Safety: Most durable, non-toxic powder coat paint available. Paint & bird cage designs tested at independent labs to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Rust Resistant: Our cage bars are completely powder-coated to prevent rust. Beware of cages made from square tubular framing with holes drilled in the tubes to insert the cage bars. The bar ends cannot be painted and ultimately rust from the inside out. Avoid cages which come with a disclaimer, warning owners not to wet the cage when cleaning.

Copper Antique
Almond Textured
Silver Antique
Green Textured
Gold Antique


Daily 9 am to 9 pm EST