Swing Sets to hang anywhere -- any room or in a cage
Mix or match colors
Red • Green • Yellow • Blue • Smoke• Clear •

• Tough transparent acrylic
• Pedicure Perches - 1", 1.5" or 2"
• Width: 16" or 24"
• Trims nails automatically
• 2 Fun chew toys attached
• East to clean & disinfect
• Always conveniently hanging in place
• Tray unsnaps for easy cleaning 16"x16" or 16"x24"
• Clear acrylic 24" ceiling guards (optional)
• 2 - 20oz Plastic Lixit Cups on cup models - (Stainless Steel $8.00 additional)
• Extra-long chain for Macaw tails
- (Stainless Steel $36.00 additional)

16" Wide - $160.00 w/cups - $180.00 -- 24" Wide - $180.00 w/cups - $200.00 CALL TO ORDER
Exer-Swing Gyms are made from transparent clear acrylic with a smoke acrylic tray -- or for $10 extra can be ordered in 6 mix-or-match colors. The 16" or 24" long concrete perches trim nails, are indestructible, big enough for a pair, and provide a sure grip. The tray unsnaps for easy cleaning, and the swing is also ideal in cages without the tray. It is also available with no cups and toys on both sides. Gentle motion and chain climbing provide exceptional exercise, and optional ceiling guards keep birds down low within easy reach. Hang where space for floor perches is a problem, -- so your little avian friend can always be hanging near you and happily entertained. Each unit can be custom built to fit any size bird with optional toys and cups. Perch diameters range from 1" to 2" to fit the foot size of Mini Macaws to Hyacinth Macaws.

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