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Why are Beehive Products Great for Birds?

    The basic problem of all birds owners is simply -- 'How do you duplicate a natural diet for a captive bird?'  Most bird owners realize that commercial bird foods process their ingredients, sacrificing nutritional integrity for shelf life.  That's why a lot of responsible bird owners feed their birds raw fruits and vegetables.  Unfortunately, even selected raw fruits and vegetables often do not provide a complete nutritional provide.  In the wild, thousands of species of birds eat flower pollen as part of their diets.  Nutrients from Beehive products are high quality and concentrated with a broad-spectrum of nutrients.
    Avian Trio is a treasure chest of bio-active enzymes, bioflavonoids, vitamin complexes and other raw nutrients.  No bird seed, formula, or even raw fruits and vegetables can provide the wide variety of phytonutrients found in this product.  Avian Trio will fill the gaps in the nutritional profile of your bird's diet, because it is made up of the nutrients that birds naturally seek out in the wild -- living, bioactive food complexes.
Avian Trio consists of:
    Royal Jelly -- a "milk" that bees make exclusively to feed the Queen Bee.  Royal Jelly is rich in natural hormones, amino acids, pantothenic acid, enzymes, B vitamins and the fatty acid 10 HDA.  A diet of Royal Jelly is what transforms an ordinary bee larva into a large, sexually active Queen.
    Propolis is a concentrated source of bioflavonoids (plant pigments).  Bioflavonoids promote health in many different ways, and propolis is one of the most concentrated sources of bioflavonoids found in nature.  One of the great all-natural immune boosters and promoters of healing.
    Bee Pollen is bee-collected pollen from flowering plants.  Pollen supplies bees with 100% of the nutrients they need for growth and development.  In order to entice bees to spread pollen and polinate flowers, plant pollen has evolved to be a highly concentrated supply of nutritious phytonutrients.
    Because pollen is the reproductive spore of plants, it is very nutrient dense, and contains very bioactive plant compounds.  It contains a diverse supply of bioflavonoids,active enzymes and natural hormones.  It is also a great source of free amino acids, essential fatty acids (including Omega 3 fatty acids), and carbohydrates.  Every known vitamin is found in Bee Pollen, in their natural nutrient complexes.  Over 25 trace minerals are found in it, and these minerals are naturally chelated so they may be easily absorbed and assimilated. 
    Many birds eat flower pollen in the wild, but pollen is difficult for birds to harvest.  Only bee labor can be used to collect pollen in the quantities needed to utilize this great source of nutrients for your birds.
    This is the only major pollen company that markets domestic U.S. Bee Pollen.  It is blended from diverse geographic areas to achieve a balanced nutritional profile.  Blending is especially important to ensure a balanced mineral profile.  Beware of local Bee Pollen, because it may be lacking in minerals that are missing from the soil in one small area.  This is also the only company that goes to the expense of keeping its pollen in cold storage -- raw, unheated and unprocessed for freshness and nutritional integrity.  Our product contains only the best human-grade Bee Pollen available on the market!
FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS:  Avian Trio is a powder that can be free fed, mixed in hand-fed baby formula, or sprinkled on raw fruits and vegetables.  Start with a very small amount and increase slowly until feeding 1/4 tsp. for small birds, 1/2 tsp. for medium-sized birds and 1 tsp. for large birds daily.

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