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Hi Jane and Scott,

I want to THANK YOU yet again for WINNIE. she is a JOY and a fantastic companion for FELIX who I received from you sometime ago. They are sooooooooooo very beautiful together. Both are HAND TRAINED and learning to talk. Love-um !

Best of the Season, Capt. John

2 Months

7 Months

--Reference Letter / Arrival Survey --


Hi Jane, below are my answers [ to your survey ]
Best Always, Capt. John

When you first contacted us, what was your impression of the information you received about Eclectus parrots in general?
Great, very informed.

What is your opinion of the ease of communication with us before, during, and after the transaction?
I could not ask for a better breeder that is as informative and always available to help and answer any questions as regards these beautiful parrots

How well socialized was the baby you received?
Winnie is just a DOLL. she came right out of her travel cage and allowed me to stroke her back--and still does

What health and beauty impression did you have of your new baby?
Brought her to my Vet and she was passed with EXCELLENT health and condition

How quickly did your baby adjust to your home and family?
Adjusted to me right away. To Felxi my male Eclectus right away as well

How quickly did your baby begin eating in its new environment?
Took a couple of weeks, more then Felix did however she started eating all of a sudden and is keeping and increasing her weight. A SPECIAL GIRL for sure. Loves the attention.

How did your baby respond to different people including guests to your home?
Once I take her out she goes to all is just a DOLL

Did your vet give you an opinion of the overall condition of the baby that you received?
Yes, excellent health and beautiful colour

What was your impression of how the bird was transported to you if shipped by air?
As with Felix, could not have been better for the benefit of the transported parrot

Please describe how the bird seemed to act because of the air transport (i.e. calm, agitated, perfectly comfortable,)?
Not agitated at all, came right out and in very good condition

If picked up at our aviary, how did the baby do on the car trip home?
sent by air

What is your opinion of the handling of all details that pertained to the business end of the transaction?
Professional and all in order

What is your opinion of the support information on the care and maintenance of the health and well-being of your baby?
Jane and Scott have and continue to answer any and all questions I have as regards my two beautiful babies.

What is your opinion of the quality of any products you received for the support of your baby?
I follow the recommended diet by Jane and Scott and the products are excellent

If you bought a cage we recommended, what is your opinion of the quality of the cage?
The transport cage was just fine

Were there any problems with the entire process that we need to know about?
Absolutely NONE

What if any improvements would you suggest that we can make?
I feel very comfortable with any orders made and Jane and Scott being available to answer any and all questions I may have as regards Felix and Winnie

Can you write a little description of in what ways having an Eclectus enhances your life?
I have a male FELIX and a female WINNIE that bring JOY to my DAILY life with their outstanding Color and antic's.

Do you have any fun little stories about the bird to share?
As Winnie got used to her new cage with Felix----Felix does indeed GIVE WAY Winnie at the food dishes, etc. . they do squabble over the toys but in a fun way.

Is there anything else that you would like to say in general?
I am so very happy that I found -- http://www.prettyparrot.com/ -- on the internet and came into contact with these two wonderful people---Jane and Scott--who
continued to assist me in my upbringing of my Felix and Winnie

On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your baby _10_____and our service _10_____overall?

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